Deb's Dog Grooming
12211 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 150    Henderson, NV  89052    Phone:
(702) 527-7797

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Debbie has owned and loved animals her entire life. In 1995 Deb graduated from the San Francisco SPCA Dog Grooming School, and for the next 10 years worked as a groomer at “Dunkin’Dogs” located in San Francisco.

In 2005 Deb opened her own shop, “Foggy Doggy Grooming Salon” in San Francisco’s Marina District, which she operated until moving to Henderson in September 2011. She ran the shop entirely by herself, personally doing all of the bathing and grooming, just as she will do here in Henderson.

Foggy Doggy quickly became extremely popular because of the high quality of her grooming and because Deb was willing to let dogs remain uncaged during their visits unless their owner preferred that they be kenneled. As a result, many of her doggie clients were actually happy and excited about going to their Foggy Doggy groomings. Please click here  to see a sampling of Foggy Doggy’s Yelp reviews. Debbie expects to create the same positive “vibe” for your dog grooming here in Henderson.

Since moving here, Deb has volunteered to groom dogs at the Animal Foundation once a week. She first goes on-line to pick out the dogs that have been there longest and appear most in need of her efforts, and is pleased to note that each of her shelter clients has been adopted, usually within 48 hours. She also fosters kittens for the Animal Foundation, and just adopted three of them. Deb also has two dogs and two more older cats.